Improving Cell Phone Reception in Your Home and Office

This device truly succeeds at improving cell phone reception in my home and office. if you need to boost to your cell phone reception in your home or office, this might be a great solution for you, too.

First the bad news: This only solves your cell phone reception quality in a specific area, like in your home or office. This solution won’t improve your cell phone quality anywhere other than where you install it.

I now have four and five bar cell phone quality *everywhere* in my home and office – I even have reliable cell phone calls in my basement and *all* the former dead zones of my house. After using several cell phones over several years, I had all but given up the likelihood that I could ever figure out which cell phone gets the best reception in my home and office, but this solution allows *all* cell phones to have great reception in your home or office.

This solution is basically a set of desktop extension phones around your house that can use your wired phone line – but also allow you to receive and place calls through your cell phone – as long as your cell phone is within range of the base station. These extension phones perform this magic by using the “Bluetooth” that’s built in to most current cell phones. These extension phones can work with or without a wired phone line.

(Update: Read the complete article for a similar solution called “cell2telgateway” that uses your existing home telephone system)

Improving Cell Phone Reception

Update: 6/25/2009 This home phone that sends and receives calls through your cell phone’s “Bluetooth” is only $39 when you pay using Paypal. Click here for details

Essentially, this cool desktop phone system uses Bluetooth to make your cell phone accessible from standard-looking “extension” telephones. Calls that ring to your cell phone *also* ring on all the desktop extension phones! For example, my wife’s cell phone may be in her purse and she may have it set to silent (vibrate) mode. However, when someone calls her cell phone, all the desk phones ring in our house and she can answer the incoming call on any desk phone, anywhere in the house. She can also use any of the desk phones to place outgoing calls through her cell phone – she just dials the desk phone like a normal phone then selects “Cell.” The trick is, you can keep your cell phone in the part of your home where you have the best cell signal, then use the desktop phones to place and receive cell calls anywhere in your house or on your property.

You can use this phone system with two different cell phones at the same time, like a two-line phone system. You can also connect a standard wired telephone line so that you can place calls through your wired telephone or through your cell phones. The handsets are wireless and can be placed anywhere you have a household outlet for the charger.

You may be aware that most current cell phones include Bluetooth capability that allows your cell phone to send and receive cell phone calls wirelessly to an earphone. You’ll see many people walking around with a flashing earpiece which allows them to talk on their cell phones without removing the cell phone from their purse or pocket.

The GE cell fusion phone looks like any other desktop telephone. it has a single base unit that accommodates up to eight wireless desktop phones. You can use the intercom function to call from phone to phone. You can plug it into your wired phone line ( if you still have one) and use this like a typical. The handsets have an intercom function that allows you to call from handset to handset.

What makes the cell fusion difference is its ability to make and receive phone calls using the Bluetooth on your cell phone. For example, I’ve installed my cell fusion a station in our kitchen. I’ve plugged in remote handsets for the fusion in our bedroom and in my office. I’ve configured the cell fusion bass station to automatically link with my cell phone and my wife’s cell phone whenever they are in the proximity of the base station. You can configure the base station to work with one or two cell phones. Keep in mind that this device isn’t a “cell phone booster.” Instead, you place both the base unit and your cell phone in the area of your home that has the strongest signal, then you use the extension phones to place and receive calls.

I love the convenience and utility of this Bluetooth compatible home telephone system and I now have no cell dead zones anywhere in my home or office.

Now even more good news. You can buy this phone at her office supply store for $80 or more. But at the time I write this, you can bind the GE cell fusion desktop phone that works with your cell phone for only $39 if you pay with PayPal at the link below

Click here for details

Update: Keep in mind that this device isn’t a “cell phone booster.” Instead, you place both the base unit and your cell phone in the area of your home that has the strongest signal, then you use the extension phones to place and receive calls.

The GE phone system I mentioned is $39. My friend, Chris K. sent me a link to a similar device that allows you to connect up to 3 cell phones with the second line of any standard two line phone system. You can read more about it at the link below:

Author: Chuck Eglinton

3 thoughts on “Improving Cell Phone Reception in Your Home and Office

  1. Regarding the device for improving cell phone signal strength

    One point is not clear to me: Does the effectiveness of this device depend upon having a strong signal somewhere in the house where the base station is kept? If so, it would seem that this strong signal is then relayed throughout the house.

    Or, will the device actually help even if one lives in an area where the signal is essentially a weak one?

    Chuck: You are correct. This phone system requires a adequate/strong cell signal somewhere in your house or office. Place your cell phone and the phone system base where you have a strong signal. Then, the phone will talk to the base using your phone’s bluetooth, and the base will talk to the handsets around your house using Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) frequencies.

  2. Please answer this for me.
    I want to end my home phone service and just use cell phone.
    I have multiple extensions in my house – probably 15 (one in every room including bathrooms-go figure)
    If I connect the GE fusion phone to the hard wired analog extensions and then connect my cell to the GE using bluetooth, when a call comes into my cell and it transfers to the GE fusion phone, will I then be able to pick up and answer from any other analog extension that is connected to the fusion phone?
    Likewise can I pick up any extension and dial out through the cell the line?

  3. Yes. When a call comes in on either your cell phone or your wired landline you can answer the call on any GE fusion phone in the house.

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