Lakeside Cabins Resort, Three Oaks, Michigan

LAKESIDE CABINS RESORT: Features and Amenities

  • 4.5 Star Rating with more than 200 reviews at
  • Two heated swimming pools
  • Stocked fishing lakes, no fishing license required.
  • Walking trails and paths to the southeast.
  • A lodge with a game room
  • Full basketball court, sand volleyball court, shuffleboard
  • Complimentary kayaks and paddleboards
  • Playground and swings
  • Organized arts and crafts, athletic activities, games, nature tours, bingo, and Saturday night parties with live music.

THREE OAKS, Michigan is conveniently located

These 400 sq. ft. CABINS are classified as Recreational Vehicles (RVs):

  • They are not mobile homes, not manufactured homes, they’re RVs.
  • They still have wheels attached, which are hidden.
  • The maximum size allowed by law for an RV is 400 sq. ft.
  • Approximately 12 feet wide by 34 feet long
  • The siding and interiors are real wood.  
  • All roofs are made of long-lasting steel.
  • They have screened decks attached which may be up to 600 sq. ft.

LOWER ‘2ND HOME’ PROPERTY TAXES eliminate a significant expense.

  • As a recreational RV park, property taxes are significantly lower.
  • At an RV park, by law, an owner may spend only up to 180 nights per year.

UP TO 3 QUEEN BEDS in a CABIN (and another on the porch)

  • Most cabins have one bedroom and a loft that is bisected by stairs. 
  • The loft has a 5’ ceiling and can accommodate two queen mattresses.
  • Each of the 3 sleeping areas may accommodate up to a queen size bed. 
  • Most cabins also have a premium sleeper sofa bed in the living room.
  • Some cabins have a sleeper bed in the screened porch area, too.
  • Very few cabins have two bedrooms, because other living space must be sacrificed for it.


  • The kitchen has smallish RV-sized appliances.
  • The heat is forced air using liquid propane gas.
  • Some cabins have bathtubs, some have showers
  • Built-in washers/dryers are rare because they require the replacement of the forced-air HVAC, but a laundromat is on-site in the B section.

TOTAL ANNUAL EXPENSES are about $4,500/year (or $375 per month)

  • $3,310 LCR Membership fees include water, sewer, grass care, trash pickup, basic cable TV, siding staining, and all exterior maintenance.
  • Internet is available from Comcast for about $70 per month.
  • $340 Electric per year 
  • $120 LP Gas for heating per year
  • $600 Average insurance cost per year
  • Annual expenses can be deducted from gross income as an ‘operating expense’

NET ANNUAL REVENUE is $15,000 to $30,000 ($875 to $1,750 net revenue per month)

  • Cabin D14 on a large lakefront lot with a firepit had gross revenue of $25,000 in 2022 with presumably a net revenue of $17,500 or $1,458 per month. It is for sale for $209,000.
  • Typically, a cabin may have a gross annual revenue between $15,000 to $30,000
  • The rental season is only from May 1 to October 31st. This is approximately 26 weeks.
  • Peak rental season rates are the 14 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when school is in summer recess.
  • Rental reservations for the upcoming year open on July 1st.
  • 3 Night Stay $900 weeknights, $1,300 weekends,
    7 Nights $2,200-$2,400 during prime season
  • The association manages reservations and cleans the cabins for 30% of the gross revenue.
  • Of the 185 cabins, only 55 are available for short-term rental.
  • The most popular rentals are those in the southeast “A” section near the lodge, heated pool, and beach. Many family groups often reserve multiple units a year in advance.
  • Also popular are any cabins on the water.
  • Also popular are any cabins having a firepit, or near a firepit. Not all lots are large enough to accommodate a firepit.
  • Cabin resale prices increased about 25% post-covid, but this increase is not typical
  • Cabin C62 because of its patio/deck space and lake views.
  • I expected that there might be more sales at the end of the rental season but this isn’t necessarily true.


  • With net revenue at the minimum of $875 and expenses at $375, a mortgage payment of $500 could be paid from the income with a $0 cost per month.
  • Minimum down payment: 20%
  • Balance financed for no more than 15 years.


Author: Chuck Eglinton

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