About Chuck Eglinton

Computer programmer, tech writer, podcast editor, consultant and audio/visual expert.


  • Book Mentions: Chuck Eglinton is a credited advisor in the best selling books, “Growing your Business With Google by Dave Taylor and “Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs” by Randy Gage.
  • Internet: Chuck Eglinton is a consultant for MPGoMatic.com , AskTheBuilder.com, and several other popular websites.
  • Certified by Google Chuck has a current certification from Google for knowledge of Advanced Analytics, Adwords Fundamentals, and Google Search Advertising.
  • (2017) Amazon Echo / Alexa skill programming: Successfully completed training provided by Amazon to write applications for the Amazon Echo products (Alexa).
  • Mensa: Chuck Eglinton is a member of Mensa and has presented technology topics at the National Mensa Annual Gathering.
  • Military: Chuck Eglinton has an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Linked In: Professional recommendations appear here at LinkedIn .
  • Interview: A 2005 Canada Assoc. of I.T. Professionals interview with Chuck Eglinton appears at this link in which he describes the upcoming technology of hybrid vehicles, DVRs, smart-phones, and electronic readers such as the Kindle and Android Tablet.


  • QR-codes & Barcodes: Chuck Eglinton personally programmed the first application in the country to be certified by the US Postal Service for printing postal barcodes on envelopes using a personal computer (in 1991).
  • Financial Programming and Document processing: Chuck Eglinton personally programmed complex applications related to PCL, Rich Text Format (RTF) and PDF merge programming.wrote electronic document software for more than 100 clients in the financial industry.
  • Internet Communcations: Chuck Eglinton personally programmed the first personal computer application in the country to allow electronic communication of Automotive Industry Advanced shipping notifications via PC (in 1984).
  • Experienced Cord-Cutter and Consultant: Experienced with Tivo, Roku, and Amazon FireStick. Experienced and knowledgeable about the top TV streaming services. Contact me to cut hundreds of dollars from your Cable TV bill each year.
  • A/V, Video & Podcast Editor: Chuck is the producer and editor of the AskTheBuilder podcast available at iTunes and other podcast services. Chuck has multi-year experience with advanced audio editing and YouTube video production using WireCast. Chuck wrote the Google Slides interface for Raspberry Digital Signage (2017).
  • Owner/Operator of BidRobot.com , the original last-minute bidding service for eBay, (est. 1998) which is detailed in all nine editions of the “eBay for Dummies books. Chuck was formerly a certified eBay Developer and Trading Assistant.
  • (SMS) Text Messaging: Current owner / programmer of an Internet service that sends automatic price alerts using phone text messaging (SMS).
  • Web Programming & Project Management: 15 years experience with Web Design and programming, including MySQL, QR-code Integration, web marketing and advanced web analytics with split-testing. More than 20 years experience with Internet project and offshore outsourcing (since 1997)

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