What is VOIP? What do you know about Vonage?

I don’t answer many calls on our home telephone because they’re most often not for me. But earlier today, I recognized the Michigan telephone number on the caller ID so I answered the call.

“Hello, from sunny Mexico,” he said.
My friend, Robert Nelson, had packed the small Vonage VOIP box that he uses in his Michigan home and had taken it in his luggage to Mexico. He’s connected it the high speed Internet line in his villa and he is able to make and receive calls in Mexico using the same phone number and VOIP equipment that he uses in his Michigan home.

VOIP is an acronym for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It’s the computer technology that is used to transmit voice conversations over an Internet connection.

I’ve been using Vonage in my home for more than a year and I was pleased enough with the service that after about a month I discontinued my regular wired phone service. I estimate that I’ve saved about $400 in phone bills since I’ve started using Vonage. My Vonage service is about $25 per month and my regular phone bills used to be between I’ve stopped my regular wired phone service. My traditional phone bills were more than twice the amount I pay to Vonage.
I tried Vonage a few years ago when my high speed Internet connection was first installed. I must admit that my experience at that time wasn’t so great and I stopped using VOIP just a few weeks after installing it.

This time around, I really like Vonage VOIP. The main reason that my VOIP works so much better is that my Internet connection is about five times faster than it was a few years ago. Vonage and VOIP will work best for you if you have an Internet connection that is 3,000 kbps, or faster. To find out your Internet connection speed, you can call your Internet service provider or you can use one of the many Internet speed test websites to measure the speed of your connection.

So, VOIP can make your phone number portable and it can help you save money on your phone bill. I recommend Vonage VOIP to anyone who has an Internet connection that is 3 megabits per second or faster.

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