Cheap digital camera prints

Summary: I found an incredible deal on cheap 8×10 prints purchased on the Internet. The prints were printed on Kodak paper, were excellent quality and came from a surprising place, thousands of miles away.

My family and I began taking digital pictures a few years ago shortly after purchasing our first digital camera (at which point I sold my Nikon SLR 35mm film camera and never looked back).

Several digital cameras later we’ve collected thousands of images, yet printed very few of them. We’ve tried printing at home, but were never really satisfied with the quality. Occasionally we’d bring them to our local pharmacy to their photo processing lab, but found that it was just as expensive as traditional film processing. We’ve found that locally our local Sam’s and Cosco have the best price, so for traditional prints, we usually head there.

Recently though, I wanted to have some 8×10 prints made. The prices at my local pharmacies were much higher than I expected – both Walgreens and CVS wanted $3.99 per print. So I decided to check prices for some of the online photo processors, but what I found was that while their prices for smaller prints were highly competitive, 8x10s were priced the same as the pharmacies were.

So, I started doing a little online research and discovered a website at Their prints run as low as 6.8 cents for 4×6 prints, but more importantly they only charged $1.30 for 8x10s.



I decided to sign up for an account, spent a few minutes installing their picture download program, then dragged 25 prints to their upload program. I really appreciated this utility, because I didn’t want to babysit my computer to upload my 25 fairly large digital picture files. I just dragged them in and went about my business. When I was finished, I paid by credit card and closed the program.

A few minutes later, I received a confirmation email. It looked like any other conformation email except for the sender’s email address, which ended with “.ti,” indicating that the sender was in … Taiwan. It was at that moment that I realized I had either gotten an incredible deal, or that I would be hearing from my credit card company shortly regarding a $6,000 purchase I had just made for diamonds, shipped overseas.

I replied to the confirmation email asking where my prints would be mailed from. I received a reply a few hours later and, indeed, they were being shipped from Taiwan. At least they were honest, so that was encouraging.

Ten days later, my prints arrived in a well constructed envelope. They looked great and were printed on Kodak paper. Interestingly enough, the postmark for my photos was out of Texas, so I assume they bulk mail everything from Taiwan to Texas where someone splits up the photo prints and mails them to individual customers.

As far as the quality goes, it’s as good as any other processing I’ve used and the photos were all printed on Kodak paper. I’ll most likely use them again.

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  1. Chuck,

    what is the URL for the Taiwanese place that makes 8×10 prints for $1.30 each. I keep going round and round your site in circles and I can’t find it.


    Chuck: Hi Ken, I made it into a clickable link in the article. It’s  and 8×10’s were still $1.30 when I checked there a few minutes ago.

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