Towing a Motorcycle Camper Trailer with a Toyota Prius or Mazda Miata



Trailmaster Aspen Classic (weight:

Time Out Deluxe aka Solstace

Towing is not recommended for the Mazda Miata and pre-2016 Toyota Prius

Toyota added a towing capacity of 1598 lbs beginning with the 2016 Prius by introducing heat management measures in the main electric motor-generator and differential which didn’t exist in earlier models.  According to various internet discussions, many people have towed using earlier model Priuses and Miatas without mechanical consequence. Of course, most of these rule breakers typically tow for short durations and short distances.  With that said, click the following links to see trailers pulled behind Priuses and Miatas.


Toyota Prius Tow Hitch and Connector Assembly

I found both the hitch and light connector assembly easy to install.   Your installation may vary depending on your model year.


Hitch mounted, basket-style Cargo Carrier for Prius or Miata

Allows you to…

  • Tote gear (perhaps for tent camping)
  • Frees up space inside your car for passengers and pets
  • Keeps wet and muddy items from dirtying up the interior of your vehicle

It hangs off the hitch like a basket and requires no lights or license. I’ve used mine to transport lawn mowers, snow blowers, and a plastic container full of camping gear.   I own the 20×47 Pro Series Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" Hitches which weighs about 45 pounds and has a 300 lb carry capacity.  I paid about $115 for it.


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