About Chuck Eglinton

Hi.  I’m Chuck Eglinton.
Let me answer your technology questions.

I’m a computer programmer and “web application” designer, but I also like to research and write about gadgets, the internet, and technology.

I took my first computer programming classes in high school in 1976.  I have been writing computer software for personal computers since 1983 and I’ve been producing Internet websites and “cloud” web applications since 1998.

In an article published in 2005, I predicted the popularity of  hybrid vehicles, DVR/PVR’s, smart-phones, and electronic books — such as the Kindle and Nook. Most recently, I’ve been working on two new relatively new technologies: mobile “web apps” for smart phones and QR-codes.

About once each month I send out a short email newsletter describing interesting practical technology advice including  how you can save money with technology. I respect your privacy and promise not to share or rent my e-mail list. You can sign up for my free occasional newsletter using the newsletter form.  Send me your technology questions: chuck (at) etusa (dot) com.

Chuck Eglinton’s Short-Version Resume:

  • Linked In: Chuck Eglinton has been writing personal computer software since 1983 and producing popular Internet websites since 1998. Chuck Eglinton’s professional recommendations appear at this link.
  • Interview: A 2005 Canada Assoc. of  I.T. Professionals interview with Chuck Eglinton appears at this link.
  • SEO – Internet Seach Engine Optimization: Chuck Eglinton is the Chief Information Officer for the top ranking website MPGoMatic.comand SEO Consultant for various top ranking websites.  Chuck was a consultant for the successful Kickstarter campaign for AskTheBuilder.com
  • Google Adwords & Adsense:  Chuck Eglinton is a credited advisor in the best selling book, “Growing your Business With Google,” by Dave Taylor.
  • Websites: Chuck Eglinton’s Internet websites are listed in several of the “eBay for Dummies” books and in the New York Times best seller, “eBay, The Perfect Store.
  • Partners: Chuck Eglinton has been a partner on Internet projects with Chris Pirillo, former television host at TechTV, and with New York Times best selling author Joel Comm.
  • Internet Communcations: Chuck Eglinton personally programmed the first personal computer application in the country to allow electronic communication of Automotive Industry Advanced shipping notifications via PC (in 1984).
  • QR-codes & Barcodes: Chuck Eglinton has produced millions of QR codes for dozens of QR-code projects since 2010. Chuck Eglinton personally programmed the first application in the country to be certified by the US Postal Service for printing TSR postal barcodes via PC (in 1991).  Chuck Eglinton has been professionally programming and implementing traditional 1D barcodes since 1983. Producing and implementing QR/2D barcodes since November 2010.  Implemented mobile surveys in 2011.
  • Financial Programming and Document processing: Chuck Eglinton personally programmed financial applications for financial institutions. My company has provided Electronic Document Programming for more than 100 clients in the financial industry since 1991.  Personally programmed complex applications related to  PCL, Rich Text Format (RTF) and PDF merge programming.
  • Programming Project Management: 15 years experience with Web Design and programming, including MySQL, QR-code Integration, web marketing and advanced web analytics with split-testing.  More than 10 years experience with Internet project management including offshore outsourcing management  (since 1997)
  • eBook Programming: Chuck Eglinton has personally written applications related to Kindle / Nook / Tablet / iPad eBook creation including the popular ePub, MOBI, and Adobe PDF formats.  I have also taught at seminars about technical aspects of electronic book publishing.
  • Certified by eBay:  Chuck Eglinton wrote a best selling Audio Book about eBay (available on Audible.com) and is a certified eBay Developer and an eBay Certified Trading Assistant.  Chuck’s eBay related products  have been recommended in major publications and in  the best selling “eBay for Dummies” books written by Marsha Collier.
  • Mensa:  Chuck Eglinton is a member of Mensa and is a formally trained speed-reader with the ability assimilate ideas quickly.  Chuck Eglinton presented two Internet related topics at the 2010 Mensa Annual Gathering.
  • Military: Chuck Eglinton has an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Coast Guard

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  1. I read in comments on a site that you can use the pethair brush from the Irobot scooba. It said that it didn’t clog up with hair as bad and cleaned deeper into the carpet. Is this brush available through your site?

    Chuck Eglinton: I’m sorry, we don’t sell any Roomba products. You might want to try searching on Google for “Roomba brushes” or “Scooba brushes.”

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