Recordable DVD Format

Recordable DVD Format

As the DVD format eclipsed the VHS standard for both sales and rentals, it was only a matter of time before the same happened when it came to recording on DVD players. After all, if you could have the length of recording time that a blank DVD offered with the higher picture quality that comes with it, why stick to VHS tapes?

However, unlike VHS, there are a few more choices available when it comes to recordable DVD discs. Whereas with VHS it was pretty straightforward – insert tape and press record, and then once you’d watched your movie or TV show, use the tape again for something else to record onto. DVD’s are slightly different, so depending on your needs, it’s worth knowing what formats there are and which is best for you:

· DVD-R is one of the first of the recordable DVD’s available and can only be recorded onto once, and as such has been usurped by newer software. However, if you’re burning something just for viewing, with no need to re-use again, DVD-R is perfect for your needs.
· DVD-RW is exactly the same as the standard DVD-R disc, with the exception that it can be used to record time and time again without damaging the disc, or losing too much quality.
· DVD+R is one of the newer formats on the market, and is the natural step up from DVD-R. The main difference here is that there is slightly longer recording time on the disc (though not much) and it supports more home theatre sound options. However, it can still only be used the once.
· DVD+RW is a more suitable option for people who don’t want to keep whatever they’ve recorded on the disc. Allowing multiple recordings and excellent sound and picture quality, the DVD+RW is one of the most popular versions of all the recordable DVD’s on the market.
· DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL are similar to their standard versions, with the exception that they are dual-layered discs. This means that there is twice the amount of space on the disc to record onto, offering far greater length and space. Whereas a standard blank DVD will have around 4.2GB of space, the dual-layered versions offer 7.95GB, and if you go with the double-sided option, that increases to 15.9GB.

The Future Of Recordable DVD
Although these formats are popular at the moment, much like any technology they will be superseded, and perhaps faster than you think. With the new Blu-ray and HD-DVD technology becoming more popular with consumers, it won’t be too long before you can buy recordable discs in this format too.

Whatever system and format you decide to use, be sure that you have permission to record the film or show in question, since failure to do so could see you landed with a hefty fine, or even a jail sentence.

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