How to add a line to a Facebook Comment. How to Edit a Facebook Comment

Summary:  How to add a line to a Facebook Comment.  How to EDIT a Facebook Comment.  How to add a Paragraph to a Facebook comment.

Yes, I agree the Facebook changes are stupid. My commentary is at the end. First, here's help:

1) The Facebook [Post] button is gone from comments! Now your Facebook comment is saved automatically when press the [Enter] key. Fortunately, here's how to EDIT your Facebook comment if you make a mistake…

2) How to EDIT your Facebook comment: If you've just recently saved your comment — within the last minute or so  — you can hover your mouse over your comment then click the [X] that appears in the top right corner to EDIT your comment.   The edit option only exists for a minute or so after you type your comment.  After a minute, if you cli

ck on the  [X] it will remove your post, but not edit it.

3) New Line / Paragraph: Press to start a new line in your Facebook comment. While you're typing a Facebook comment, you now must  press   to start a new paragraph or insert a blank line.  ChuckEgg Commentary: Yes, it's stupid, because most people don't intuitively use  to insert a blank line when they type.  is also stupid because it's not consistent with how the FB text editor works elsewhere on Facebook — for example it's now how the Facebook text editor works when you post your status.

Take a look at the length of most FB posts. An overwhelming majority of FB comments don't contain blank lines, so eliminating the “Enter” key allows typists to submit a post without using a mouse (or secondary tap). I'll be FB engineers probably calculated that removing the [POST] button would save time or keystrokes.


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  1. Thanks for the info. the sensible change is the minimal change; if you want to enable hands-free posting, introduce for that and leave enter the way it was; place a note in small print describing that. Then a month later you can pull out the “Comment” button. Much less stupid than the way they have done it.

    But good UI designers are hard to find and apparently are rarely consulted. I recommend any books by Don Norman for someone who wants to know more about user friendly design.

  2. im not keen on the new change at all. i found a solution to the problem, FB Purity, its a browser script/extension, and the latest version restores the old comment system, im very pleased with it. you can get it here:

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