Gutter Cleaning Robot, iRobot Looj

The iRobot Looj

If there were one job that pretty much any homeowner hates doing, it would be cleaning the guttering out. Climbing a shaky ladder; trying to balance with one hand whilst using your other to scoop all the gunk and goo that’s slowly accrued over the months; then having to manoeuvre around corners and other obstacles as you clean the gutter out. It’s conclusive – there can’t be many worse jobs. Thanks to the new iRobot Looj, though, this kind of chore can be consigned to your history list, and all from as little as $100 for the entry model.

Part of the iRobot family to make everyday living easier, the Looj is a new, automated device that makes cleaning the gutters as easy as using a vacuum cleaner in your home. Not only does it make cleaning your gutters a far safer job, it also ensures that the gutter is cleaned to a professional standard. It’s fast, too – a 60-foot section of guttering will only take around 10 minutes to clean. Compare that to manual cleaning, and you can see why the Looj is taking the market by storm.

Because it works with all of the more common guttering materials, such as aluminium, K-style and plastic, as well as metal and copper, the iRobot Looj should be able to be used in the majority of homes, regardless of the age of the property. The only thing that will make a difference is the height and width of your gutter – for the Looj to work, your gutter will need to be 3-1/4” wide, and with straps that are a minimum 2-1/4” from the bottom.

The way that the iRobot Looj works is extremely straightforward, yet highly effective – all the more surprising when you see how compact the unit is. Using the remote control/handle that’s supplied with the unit, you simply put the Looj into the gutter and control its movement with the remote control. Broken down into three stages, the process entails:

· Driving the Looj back and forth using the remote, the sludge in the gutter is broken up by a special 3-stage auger, which spins at 500rpm.
· Once the sludge is broken up, the next stage involves the plastic blades, or disruptors, as well as rubber ejectors. The disruptors break up any clogged materials or gunk, and the ejectors do exactly what they imply, and eject the rubbish from the gutter.
· The last part sees the attached brushes clean your gutter out, by brushing away any remaining debris.

Since the iRobot Looj is waterproof, not only will it not be susceptible to rust and corrosion from the gunk in your gutter, but you can also quickly clean it after each use, by simply hosing it down.

When you add in the fact that the rechargeable battery is fully charged after 15 hours, and it has an average operating time of between 30-45 minutes dependent on how clogged your gutter is, and the iRobot Looj is a definite purchase for any homeowner faced with cleaning any size of guttering.

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