Google Map Rerouting


A friend of mine has a son scheduled to graduate from high school this coming spring. Like most college-bound kids, he’s picked out a few colleges that he’s interested in. But with application fees being what they are these days, his parents want to do what they can to ensure that he applies to the schools that he feels he would be comfortable enrolling in. Similarly, tuitions costs seem to have reached epic proportions and they’d like to see him stay at the school he chooses for the full four years rather than transferring and possibly losing credits – and valuable time. Visiting the colleges personally seems like the way to go, but they’ve only got so much time so they need to plot their trip accordingly. I suggested that they use GoogleMaps new feature: dragging and dropping their route and changing it as they find helpful.

They set up a multi-destination map on Google using the schools that they and their son felt were best suited for him: Middlebury College, Boston University, Trinity College, NYU, and Ithaca College. Since they were trying to do this whole trip in a weekend, they chose the fastest highway routes possible.


During their visit to Middlebury, my friends’ son expressed some interest in the University of Vermont. As it was rather close by, Next chance they got they used Google’s route-mapping feature to add that stop to their already-established route.



While at NYU, their a college counselor suggested they take a look at Temple University in Philadelphia. When they made their next pit stop they were able to use Google’s new mapping feature. All they had to do was click on their route line and drag it to where Philadelphia is on their map; Google took care of the rest – including the written directions.






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