Wirecast Bug Doesn’t Remember IP Camera Authentication

Wirecast is a full featured for streaming video production.  We’re using sub-$100 Amcrest IP cameras that have 1080P HD resolution.  A bug in Wirecast version 5.x prevents Wirecast from remembering the IP Camera login and password authentication even when the remember checkbox is enabled.   A workaround is to install Unreal Media Server software.

Download the Unreal Media Server (Free)

Unreal Media Server is a software program that streams video from a variety of sources, including IP cameras.  You can find it at http://www.umediaserver.net  You can set your IP Camera login and password in the Unreal Media Server, then use the Unreal Media Stream, which requires no login or password, in Wirecast.  Note that once you configured the Unreal Media Server, it will start automatically when your computer starts (it will be streaming your IP cameras whenever your computer is powered on).

Run the Media Server Configurator…

This is the program you’ll use to configure your IP cameras.  

  1. Click the Windows button
  2. Type "Server" in the search box
  3. Click Media Server Configurator x64 to start the program

Create "New live broadcast" in Unreal Media Server Configuration

  1. Click "File"
  2. Click "New live broadcast"
  3. In the "New Live Broadcast" dialog select "Static live broadcast."

New (Update) live Broadcast

  1. Notice in the left column that I’ve defined two Live broadcasts for two IP cameras for which I’ve created Live broadcast Aliases: "camfront" and "camrear"
  2. In the "Update live broadcast" dialog you can see the settings, at #2 is the Alias name we’ll eventually use in Wirecast.
  3. Define the IP camera’s IP address and URL
  4. Type the IP camera Username and Password
  5. Make sure all the options in the bottom section are set as shown
  6. When done, click the [OK] button.

Wirecast > New Shot > Web Stream

  1. Click the (+) to add a new shot
  2. Select "Web Stream" from the dialog that appears

Wircast Web Stream Dialog

  1. Select "New"
  2. Source Name that will appear below the shot in the Wirecast Thumbnail view
  3. Choose RTMP (note NOT RTSP!)
  4. Use the URI as shown, substituting your camera’s alias for "camrear"
  5. When done, click [OK]

Wirecast Shot Editor > Connect

  1. Select the shot from the thumbnails at the botton of the screen.
  2. click the arrows at the edge of the screen to open the "shot edit" dialog
  3. Click the "connect" button.  No password will be needed
  4. Your IP camera video will appear!  and it will be saved whenever you open Wirecast.

Please write in the comments if you need more help or clarification.