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This free Timeboxing widget I wrote can help you become more productive.

“Timeboxing” is a productivity strategy in which we set a commitment time for a task then we do our best to complete the task in the time we have allowed. For example, you may say to yourself, “I know I can finish writing these meeting minutes in 40 minutes, so I’ll assign myself 40 minutes to complete this task.” The Timebox Widget is a countdown timer that helps keep you keep your promise. Some people use egg timers to “box their time,” but the Timebox widget is better and easier.

It’s easy to use the FREE Timebox Widget to become more productive:

– Highlight your commitment time on any screen, then click the [Copy] button to start the countdown timer.
– Need to adjust the time? Click the plus or minus buttons.
– Need to pause? Click the big countdown timer button.

My Timebox Widget has no spyware you can download it for FREE in less than 1 minute from this link:

TimeBoxingWidget Time Boxing

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