Timeboxing Timer – What is Timeboxing?

TIMEBOXING is a productivity strategy in which you do the best you can to finish a particular task within a fixed time period you set. Timeboxing helps you avoid procrastination, helps you plan your tasks better, and helps you maintain the discipline of getting things done (GTD).

When a worker watches the clock to absolutely complete his final task by 5pm, he is timeboxing this task. By applying timeboxing to several tasks throughout your day, you can become more effective managing your tasks and getting things done.

Timeboxing is best for making you more productive on “open ended” tasks where you have flexibility in the finished work quality such as answering e-mail, researching, blog posting, writing, and computer programming. Timeboxing can also help you limit your non-productive activities such as web-surfing and coffee breaks.

Timebox Widget is a small and simple free countdown timer that displays the remaining time you’ve set for a task and sounds a visual and audio alarm when your time is up for that task.

TimeBoxingWidget Time Boxing

Quickly activate the TimeBox Widget by clicking the icon on your desktop or in your Windows task bar. TimeBox Widget can read your assigned task time from any text you copy to your Windows Clipboard, or you can activate the TimeBox Widget then click a button to increase or decrease time assigned for a task in 10 minute increments.

The Timebox widget has two helpful features for bloggers that appear when you click the “more” button. The “WordCount” button displays the word count and character count of any text you’ve copied to your Windows Clipboard. The “Dashes/Spaces” button to converts spaces to dashes in your Windows clipboard text. This allows you to convert image file names to a format without spaces so they can be uploaded to blog posts.

Use TimeBoxWidget with ANY…”
* Task List Program
* Calendar Program
* Contact Management Program
* Highlight a time in ANY Program

PLANNING: Taking the first step of assigning a realistic time segment to each of your tasks can eliminate the uncertainty that is preventing you from completing complex tasks. When your time is limited by timeboxing, you’re more likely to prioritize your most urgent tasks.

AVOIDING PROCRASTINATION: TimeBoxing allows you to commit to an undesirable task for only a limited amount of time. It’s a lot easier to start working on a task you don’t like if you know you’ll only be working on it for the next 30 minutes and not for an unending amount of time.

RECOVERING UNPRODUCTIVE TIME: You can use Timeboxing to effectively recover unproductive gaps you may have between appointments, phone calls, meetings, and other tasks.

INCREASED MOTIVATION & FOCUS: Timeboxing allows you to be aware of the time you spend on a task while you focus on the single most important task at the moment. The timebox widget’s visual countdown timer can be an effective motivation tool to get the task done before the countdown reaches zero.

GETTING THINGS DONE: When you use timeboxing, you’re more likely to begin complex tasks and less likely to overrun on open ended tasks. Timeboxing allows you to objectively decide when a task is “done” so you can move on to the next task and get more things done.

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