Take Credit Cards: “Square” Credit Card Reader vs PayPal “Here”

How to take credit cards using a "Square" Credit Card Reader or the PayPal "Here" credit card reader. Which mobile credit card reader is best for you? How does a mobile credit card reader work?


Mobile credit card readers are ingenious: When you slide a credit card thorough the slot, the magnetic stripe on the credit card information is converted to an audio signal then sent through your audio jack on your smart phone to your credit card processor.

The obvious advantages to using a mobile credit card reader is that it is fast and easy. Whether you’re selling concessions in the sports stands or manning a booth at the farmer’s market, it’s considerably easier to swipe a credit card than to type the purchaser’s information into a screen.

Perhaps more importantly, credit card companies generally charge a lower rate for transactions that are swiped than those that are keyed in, presumably because less likelihood of fraud exists when the merchant has physical possession of the credit card.

You currently have two choices for mobile credit card readers:

  • Both SquareUp’s "Square" is free and PayPal’s "Here" credit card reader is also free.
  • Each device is smaller than a matchbox and each plugs into your smartphone’s headphone / microphone jack.
  • PayPal’s "Here" is a blue triangle, Squareup’s Square is a square available in beige or black.
  • The Merchant Fee for PayPal "Here" is 2.7% which is slightly lower than SquareUp’s 2.75% fee
  • SquareUp transfers your money to your bank account next day, but PayPal allows immediate access to your money by using a PayPal Debit Card.
  • PayPal Here allows you to immediately deposit checks by snapping a picture of the front and back, SquareUp Square does not.

Click here to learn more about PayPal "Here"
Click here to learn more about SquareUp Square


PayPal "Here" Credit Card Swipe



PayPal Here Also Accepts Check Snapshots

PayPal’s "Here" App allows you to electronically deposit checks by snapping a photo with your smartphone of the front and back of the check. It also allows you to track cash payments.



SquareUp.com "Square" Credit Card Swipe


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