Spell Checkers for Facebook Chat, Posts and eMail (with pictures)

Summary: Here are two Facebook spell check solutions.  One lets you use your Foxpro Spell check in Facebook, the other is a program that works in any program and on any Internet web site.

AsUType adds a spell checker to any Windows program and is similar to the predictive spell checker on your iPhone or iPad.

AsUType allows you to choose an automatic correction mode which automatically fixes misspellings as you type, or an interactive correction mode that underlines misspelled words and beeps, prompting you to select a corrected spelling from a drop down list that appears near the misspelled word.  The interactive correction mode is much like the predictive text spell checking that's available on the iPhone and iPad.

If you're a prolific writer, or a touch-typist, predictive word drop-down lists can slow you down.  If you're a prolific writer, pausing to interact with a drop-down list of words will certainly slow your creative flow and productivity. If you're a touch typist, taking your hands off the keyboard to select a word from a list will decrease your typing speed.   To avoid the disadvantages of word correction drop-down lists, it's simpler and better to use a program such as “AsUType,” which works with any Windows application to transparently and automatically correct your spelling as you type.

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-on.html”>How to enable Firefox to spell check on facebook posts

How to enable firefox to spell check on facebook posts, and other online forms like blogs and etc.

Step 1) Open the Firefox browser. Type about:config in the location bar and press Enter to display the list of user preferences. In the filter box type spellcheck  (now to go step 2 below)

Step 2) double click the entry called layout.spellcheckdefault as shown above, and change the value from 1 to 2, restart your browser and you should be able to use the built in Firefox spellchecker for posting in forms, boxes and of course facebook


  • AsUType software:  http://www.AsUType.com

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