Put Your Friend’s Faces in a Free JibJab Video Joke

A perennial favorite is the free video joke offered by Staples every Christmastime, called “Elf Yourself,” where you can insert pictures of your family and friends into a funny animated cartoon video. Now you no longer need to wait for Christmas to easily target your friends with a Free Video Joke, courtesy of a site called JibJab.

I used JibJab.com to create the video joke below using pictures of my friend Dave Taylor and his friend, Andy Beal, but you can use pictures of your friends or family that you’ve taken with your digital camera. Click the play button, then read below the video to see how I used JibJab.com to create the FREE video joke below in less than 15 minutes using JibJab.com

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I chose the Hawaiian Hula theme for my video, but JibJab also offers holiday joke cartoons, birthday joke cartoons, and about fifty other cartoons that you can easily customize with the faces of your friends and family. JibJab calls these “Sendables” because you can send the cartoon videos in an e-mail or you can embed them in your blog or website.

You’ll begin by choosing a cartoon video. Then click a button to upload your friends picture from your computer to JibJab. Then click the “Prepare Head” button to “clip” your friend’s head from the picture so that it can be used in the video. You can upload several different pictures of different friends, depending on the joke video you choose. In the final step, you can preview the joke video before you send it.

If you sign up for a new JibJab account, Your first JibJib video “Sendable” is free. Take a few minutes to amuse and delight your friends with a Sendable Video Joke at www.JibJab.com

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