Backup data and Backup Online

Online storage and online backup are becoming one of the most popular methods of storing and backing up computer files of all types, from documents to music files and videos. There are literally hundreds of companies that offer an online file storage solution and the number is growing all of the time.

So, what are the benefits of online storage and online backup?

Well, apart from the obvious benefits of backing up your records using any conventional means, such as tape backup or CD-ROMs etc. online backup and online storage has a number of unique benefits. The backup is stored away from your home or place of business; therefore anything that happens there will not affect the online file backup information.

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Your online file storage can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection, which is particularly useful for business users. This is obviously subject to security measures but means that you could set up your business in another location should it be necessary. It is also useful if you have a very mobile workforce or employees working from home as they can also have access to the online storage.

Online backup can also be cheaper in the long run than other means of back-up as you don’t need to buy any extra hardware, software or storage media yourself. It is also automated so it can happen at night; even when you are asleep!

Online storage is easy to use and offers you the peace of mind that you can access the data should the worst happen and the only information that may have been lost is that produced since the last online file backup occurred.

Here are some key points to look for in an online backup or online storage provider:


This is a major concern and is, after all, why you are looking for an online storage pro

vider. You need to be sure that their system has adequate firewalls and encryption to keep your online file storage secure.


You are going to use this company as YOUR online backup so you want to be sure that they have adequate backup themselves in the event of a problem at their workplace.


Of course, cost is an issue but you may want to weigh up different additional services that are offered by the online storage company.


How long will it take to retrieve your data from the online storage server? This especially applies as the provider will encrypt your data; you need to know how long it will take to retrieve it in a form that you can use.


How often are you going to want your online file backup to be performed? Daily, twice-weekly or whatever frequency depends on the volume of information that changes on your computer. You may even want your online backup performed hourly!


This may seem a bit out of place seeing as the online backup is going to be automated but it is very important that you can access someone at the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The last thing you want is for all their staff to be on holiday just as you really need them to help you with an online storage issue.


There are an ever-growing number of online backup companies cropping up every day. The best way to choose one in the end is often by word-of-mouth. This will give you a better idea of how the online backup company really performs when needed.

There are plenty of options that you can use to backup your data, using an online backup company may or may not be the best for you but I am sure of one thing – crossing your fingers isn’t!

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