How to view a PDF file on a Kindle 1 2 DX (Pictures)

Summary: How to display a PDF file on on Amazon Kindle eReader (with Pictures) or How can I convert a PDF file to view it on an Amazon Kindle

My friend, Steve, emailed to me a PDF file and asked how to convert it for the Amazon Kindle.    I’ll describe the conversion in another article, but below are side by side comparisons of the same eBook on the same eReader.

In the table below, the images on the left demonstate what an unconverted PDF file looks like on an Amazon Kindle DX.  The images in the right column are the same eBook after it’s been converted to a format called “.MOBI” which provides a greater range of font sizes and better readability  the Amazon Kindle.


Operating Systems: Windows Nt/2k/XP/Vista

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5 minutes

Things you’ll Need

  • Free Mobipocket Creator Software
  • Amazon Kindle, iPhone Kindle software or some other eReader
The title, “Advice to Referee” appears twice in my Amazon Kindle table of contents. A small superscript indicates which file is a PDF, the other file has been converted from PDF to .PRC / .MOBI format using the free Mobipocket Creator software.

The images below were photographed outdoors in natural sunlight.

I placed the Amazon Kindle DX on a “Dummies” softcover book to show the relative size of the Kindle’s contrast and font sizes compared to a printed book.



Native PDF Displayed on an
Amazon Kindle DX:

  • PDF file: Cant Adjust Text Size.
  • PDF file: Text to Speech not available.

CONVERTED PDF (Mobipocket)
on an Amazon Kindle 1/2/ DX

  • CONVERTED PDF: Choose 6 different Font Sizes
  • CONVERTED PDF: Use Amazon Kindle Text to Speech (Have the Kindle read the book to you)
PDF on Kindle DX: The cover on the PDF version looks precisely as it appeared in the PDF file



CONVERTED PDF: The converted version shows a larger image and scalable text.
PDF on Kindle DX: The table of contents in the PDF is displayed precisely as it appeared in the orignal PDF



CONVERTED PDF: The PDF file is lacking line feeds on the converted version, so the table of contents appear in a paragraph instead of in rows.
PDF on Kindle DX:  Each page of the PDF appears on the Kindle precisely as each page appears in the original PDF file.  So, if the PDF was designed for a sheet of paper, it will appear slightly smaller when being displayed on the Amazon Kindle DX


CONVERTED PDF: When the PDF is converted, the PDF pages become “flowable text.”  Having flowable text allows the text to become searchable and allows you to select various type sizes.
PDF on Kindle DX: In this particular PDF, the publisher included tables as images.
CONVERTED PDF: The table’s text didn’t re-flow because the publisher of this PDF included tables as images.

You can select 6 different font sizes after converting your PDF file to Amazon Kindle format. The largest font size is in the image below




Photo Credit

Chuck Eglinton

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