How to copy non-DRM MP3 files to iPod, iPhone, iTunes

Summary: How to copy non-DRM MP3 files to iPhone. How to copy non-DRM MP3 files to iPod. How to copy non-DRM MP3 files to iPad. How to copy non-DRM MP3 files to iTunes.   How to remove DRM from iTunes.

The problem with buying music from the Apple Store, for iTunes, is that you're limited to playing them only on a few devices.  So, what happens if you decide to purchase a new magical music device five years from now that may be better than your iPhone or iPod?   Remember vinyl albums?  Remember 8-tracks?  Remember cassettes?

In 1998 I started converting my library of music CD's to non-copy protected MP3 files.   Shortly after that, I would only buy CD's only if I couldn't locate and buy and download music in non-copy protected MP3 format.  Since the late nineties, I've probably used a dozen different music players and though I'm currently using an iPhone,  it may not be the only music player I ever use.   In any event, I don't want my music permanently teathered to my iPhone,  to Apple, or to iTunes.   That's also why you may want to know how to copy unprotected non-DRM MP3 files to your iPod, iPhone, or Apple iTunes.

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Operating Systems: Windows, Apple iPhone OS
Difficulty: Easy
Time: A few minutes


How to copy MP3 files to iTunes, iPod, Iphone,iPad

Additional tip: Disc Space is cheap. What I usually do is create a hard drive folder than contains ONLY my music I want on my iPhone. That way, if something gets whacked on the iPhone, I simply only have to drag one folder to the iTunes library instead of having to make all my music selections from my “main' MP3 folder,  again.

Step 1:

Step 1:  Connect your iPhone / iPod / Apple device to your computer.  Wait for the iTunes software to start, or start your iTunes software.

Step 2:

Step: 2 The iTunes software may display a dialog allowing you to import music you'have purchased from the Apple store to your iTunes Library.  You can have both iTunes music and MP3 files on your device at the same time.  So, select “Transfer” if you want to transfer pre

viously purchased Apple Store music to your device.

Step 3:
Step 3:  After iTunes starts, select “Library > Music” in the left column of iTunes. This will display the audio library that's currently stored in an iTunes folder on your computer

Step 4

Step 4: With iTunes started, open the folder containing your MP3 files.  Select the MP3 files you want to copy to iTunes, and drag them from the open MP3 folder to the main body of the iTunes program.

You can select entire folders or individual MP3 files.  iTunes will display messages in the status box at the top of the iTunes screen as it converts MP3 files to iTunes format.  For example “Determining Gapless Playback Information” and “Adding Album Graphics.”

Step 5

Step 5: After you've copied your MP3 files to the iTunes Music Library, click “Devices” and select your iPhone or iPod or iPad device.   Then click the iTunes Summary tab, then click the “Sync” button at the lower right corner of the iTunes screen.

Step 6

Step 6:  iPhone Sync from your iTunes library to your iPhone may take several minutes.   After the MP3 files have transferred, the iTunes status dialog will display “iPhone sync is complete. OK to disconnect.”


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