How to Activate or Enable Facebook Timeline (with pictures)

Summary: Easy steps (with pictures) to activate or enable Facebook Time line.

Perhaps you don't want to wait until Facebook rolls out their new timeline feature.  Use the several steps below to enable Facebook's  time line feature before everyone else.


How to Enable Facebook Time line (with pics)

Step 1 Step 1: Log into your facebook account
Step 2
Step 2: Go to the Facebook developer page at the following link:
Step 3
Step 3: When the Request for Permission dialog appears, click the “Allow” button
Step 4
Step 4: When the “New App” dialog appears, you can type anything into the two text boxes.  in the example I've typed “timeline” twice.     The AppNamespace must be all lower case and may not contain spaces.  Check the checkbox then click the “continue” button.

Step 5
Step 5: When the “Security Check Required” dialog appears, complete the captcha then click the “Submit” button.
Step 6
Step 6: The Apps > Timeline > Basic dialog will appear.   FIRST, In the “App Namespace” textbox, type anything.  It must be lower case and it can't contain spaces.  I typed my name with a dash: “chuck-eglinton”   SECOND, Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom. THIRD, click the “Open Graph” link in the left column
Step 7
Step 7:  When the Apps > Timeline > Open Graph: Getting Started” dialog appears, type anything in the two textboxes.  I typed the words “see” and “timeline”  Then, click the “Get Started” button.
Step 8
Step 8: When the “Apps > Timeline > Open Graph > Object Type: Timeline” dialog appears, scroll to the bottom and click the “Save Changes and Next” button
Step 9
Step 9: When the next page appears, scroll to the bottom and click the “Save and Finish” button.  When you see the page with the “Open Graph” link on the left, you're done.   Wait a few minutes then return to your regular Facebook page.
Step 10
Step 10: When your new Facebook page appears, you'll see a large invitation at the top of the screen to enaable Timeline.   If the invitation doesn't appear right away, wait a few minutes then reload the page.   Note that Timeline is enabled only on your current computer.   If you want to enable it from another computer, you can use the following URL in your browser's address bar:[username]?sk=timeline.  (replace “username” with your Facebook user name).


Photo Credit

Image captures and photographs by Chuck Eglinton

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