How do I get High Speed Mobile Internet and what is a Mobile Router?

Summary: A Mobile Router with High Speed Mobile Internet from your Cellular provider can give you sharable WiFi Internet in areas where you never before had high speed Internet.

Vikki asked, “I'm really interested in the mobile cell high speed. The fastest I can get with dial up is 31.2! How does this work? I'm not THAT computer technologically savvy.”

Most popular cellular phone companies now offer high speed mobile Internet service.

Contact your cellular company and tell them you want to sign up for their mobile Internet. They'll ask you what type of computer you're using and they'll sell you a card you plug into your notebook computer and you'll begin paying $45-$80 per month for unlimited high speed Internet by cell phone signal.

Mobile Internet Mobile Router

Notice the picture of the router in the picture above.

It looks much like a regular wireless Internet router that you may already have in your home. However, notice in the lower image, which is the back of the router,

you'll see a slot that looks like the open slot on your notebook computer.

You can plug the Mobile Internet PCMCIA card from your cellular provider into this router's slot on the back and it will convert the Cellular Internet signal into a standard Wi-Fi signal that can be broadcast to multiple laptops in the area. Notice that the mobile router also has standard RJ-45 jacks so that the cellular signal can be used by a desktop computer plugged in to the router by wire.

Some companies now use Mobile Routers with Mobile Internet Service to provide high speed Internet access to groups of workers in remote locations.

Keep in mind that “high speed” by mobile (cell phone) is not the same as high speed Internet by cable. High speed Mobile Internet can be 300k-800k which may be 10 times SLOWER than Internet by Cable or DSL, but it is 10 to 20 times FASTER than your dial up connection.

If your cellular company offers EVDO (Verizon), choose this option because it's the fastest Mobile Internet available. Other Mobile Internet using 3G or CDMA is a bit slower.

Be sure to verify that using a Mobile Router is not in violation of your terms of service for your Mobile Internet Service.

To find more hardware choices, search for “Mobile Routers” in Google.


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