How do I add USB ports to my computer?

Some computers have USB ports on the front and some have USB ports on the rear of the computer. Depending on where your computer's USB port is, you may need a short USB extension cord to make your port accessible. Many Jump drives include a free short USB extension cord.

Some very old computers don't have USB ports at all, but you often can install (or have installed) a card that adds USB ports to the rear of your computer.

if your computer has USB ports, but they're being used by your printer or other devices, you can buy an inexpensive USB hub for about $20 or less that will allow you to convert a single USB hub into multiple ports.


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  1. How do I install a USB 2.0 PCI Card to the back of my computer, or do I have to take it in and have a professional do it?

    Chuck Eglinton: I suppose this depends on your computer and how comfortable you are opening it. Be sure the computer is powered off and the power cord isn’t plugged in. It’s always good to discharge any static from your body by touching a ground source. Remove your computer’s outer case and locate the card slots on your computer’s main board. If you see an open slot, that’s easy to get to, seat the USB 2.0 PCI card in your computer use the Philips screw on the case to secure it, then power up your computer. Your computer will likely recognize that you’ve added the card and may (or may not) require that you insert the drive disk that was packed with the USB 2.0 PCI card. If any of these steps seem overwhelming to you, then you can take it to a professional.

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