How can I use a GPS system on my TREO or Smartphone?

Summary:At last — no more cables, plugin receivers, and paper maps! Add full-featured GPS navigation to your Windows, Windows Mobile OS or Palm OS, Bluetooth, wireless-enabled devices*.

Wherever you’re going, the GPS 10 Deluxe package with mobile mapping software provides wireless mapping and navigation to deliver you directly to the front door.

Traveling has never been easier thanks to the GPS 10 Deluxe’s innovative features:

* Compact and lightweight — convenient to carry and mount discreetly in your car
* Magnetic and hook-and-loop fastener mounts — make it a snap to install
* Waterproof — so it can be mounted outside the car for a clear view of the sky
* Integrated, wireless GPS receiver and transceiver with Bluetooth technology— for strong reception and data transmission of up to 30 feet
* Long battery life — rechargeable lithium ion batteries for up to 12 hours of use and a 12-volt adapter for added flexibility
* Detailed, accurate mapping software — provides map data for the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
* Intuitive navigation applications for PC laptop, Pocket PC, and Palm OS based products — deliver address lookup, turn-by-turn navigation, and more

The GPS 10 with Bluetooth® wireless technology receives GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals and wirelessly transmits them to your mobile device to give you navigation capabilities.

Included Mapsource® City Select North America CD and mobile mapping software provide detailed maps and seamless navigation to your destination. Navigation features include automatic routing, turn-by-turn directions, off-route recalculation and voice prompts (on compatible products).

OEM versions of the GPS 10 are also available.

Garmin GPS 10 Deluxe: Now you’re going places — with no strings attached.

*Device must support serial port profile.

Garmin part number: 010-00378-00

List price $249.99

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