How can I use a cheap external hard drive as a back up for my computer?

It seems nearly everyone has an old, unused hard drive on the shelf that was the by-product of a system upgrade. An USB-to-IDE external drive cable allows your old dusty hard drive to become a quick and easy plug-in portable storage device.

See it here:
USB-to-IDE cable for Cheap Backup Drives

What? You don’t have an old hard drive lying around? Well, you can Use the USB-to-IDE cable with any new, out-of-the-box hard drive for a massive external backup drive.

Of course, you can simply copy your files from your computer’s Hard drive to your new external backup hard drive, but it’s even easier to back up when you use automated hard drive backup software like SmartSync software from: ($35 download)

You can also use the $17 cable with this $30 DVD burner to create an $47 external DVD burner for your notebook computer.

$30 Internal DVD Burners
The versatile USB-to-IDE cable is inexpensive and should be in every computer owner’s toolbox.

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