How can I find free eBooks with eBook Searchr ?

What is eBook Searchr?

There are literally thousands of websites on the Internet that offer you the chance to either buy or download ebooks. Becoming more popular with the casual reader, as well as those looking for speciality books that you can’t buy normally, ebooks are finding an ever-increasing readership. However, one of the problems is that there are so many sites that often it can be a virtual minefield trying to find the one you’re after. Step forward new website eBook Searchr.

Powered by the Google Custom Search software, eBook Searchr allows you to find the book you’re looking for quickly and easily. By ensuring that it only gives you access to approved sites, the risk of being spammed by the sites you visit is removed. On top of that, by only searching these approved sites, it also makes sure that your searches don’t result in similar but irrelevant books – for example, “Top 10 Bakeries” as opposed to “Top 10 Baking Tips”.

To make things easier for anyone searching for certain titles, eBook Searchr currently has a database of over 340 sites that should have the ebook you’re after. Although this might not sound a particularly large amount, these sites have been manually selected by eBook Searchr themselves. By doing this, eBook Searchr can guarantee that the sites on their list are relevant and offer the best choice.

An example of how eBook Search works can be found when you try a simple search using their toolbar. For instance, one of the most popular search terms is “Internet marketing”- when you type that into the search box, it brings up an instantaneous list of the best ebooks in this category, and what sites their on. So, you might find that the top result is “Marketing Ebooks” on, or Internet Marketing Secrets at new upload site

Other areas where eBook Searchr score points is its support of both Firefox and Internet Explorer, by offering a Search Plug-in so you don’t have to have the eBook Searchr site open anytime you need to find a particular book. There’s also a sidebar that allows the user access to various options, such as the ability to have link buttons for your own personal website, or sharing your results with Digg users.

With the amount of ebooks that are online currently, with the number growing every day, a site like eBook Searchr is a Godsend for anyone who needs a specific title. Now, instead of having to troll through hundreds of sites and adverts before you get the result you need, you can have a single portal to help you. With an easy-to-use interface and a user-friendly spam free environment, eBook Searchr is one of the better new search portals around.

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