Gadget removes swearing, sex and violence from popular DVD movies.

Summary: If you avoid renting some DVD’s because of graphic content, you can now buy an affordable gadget that automatically removes profanity, nudity, and gory violence from more than 2,000 popular DVD’s – including new-release DVD’s.

If you’re like me, the DVD’s you choose at the video store are often tempered by who might wander into the living room while you’re watching them. Even if you’re planning to watch a movie with your spouse, you may not choose movies that have inappropriate language or scenes that might accidentally be seen or overheard by the younger members of your family.


Clearplay DVD filters sex and violence


The affordable Clearplay DVD player looks like a regular DVD player, except the Clearplay DVD player performs editorial magic to actually filter out “objectionable” material to make popular DVD’s suitable for viewing by more members of your family.

So, how does ClearPlay work so well? It’s lack of automation. Actual people watch the movies and find the nudity, sex, violence, and profanity so you never have to worry about a machine mistaking an undesirable word for a perfectly benign one and vice-versa.

Having human beings behind it all is also the primary reason why your edited DVD movies are not cut-up or choppy as one might expect. ClearPlay claims that their editing staff “loves movies as much as you do,” so great care is taken to make certain that important plot points aren’t entirely lost.

So, Clearplay gives parents the freedom to allow their children to watch movies that are geared toward tweens or teens, yet contain language or sexual situations that they may not want their kids exposed to.

Our young teen daughter, who is a fan of Johnny Depp, wanted to watch the popular Tim Burton movie, “Sleepy Hollow.” I wasn’t so keen on letting her see it after I discovered that it contained graphic violence and that it was rated-R. Enter, Clearplay. While Clearplay is not perfect, I was impressed and pleased with the results. Some scary scenes were still visible, but the goriest video, was removed by Clearplay.

Clearplay’s sound muting, while often noticeable, is effective at removing swearing and cuss words. Clearplay automatically “skipping” over several seconds of nudity, sex and/or violence is like magic.

Clearplay’s video editing is not perfect and I don’t think we can expect it to be. For example, in “Sleepy Hollow,” we are spared the viewing of specific violent actions, but we still see the character bloodied after the violence. Still, having Clearplay is considerably better than not having it. Clearplay isn’t just for kids. When I can detect that I’ve missed part of a violent scene because of Clearplay, my first thought is that I’m glad I didn’t have to see it.

Mostly, using a Clearplay DVD player is just like using any other DVD player except you can use the included memory drive or a telephone line to download Clearplay’s editorial files to your Clearplay DVD player’s memory. The ClearPlay on-screen menu allows you to select what types of content will be removed. Then, when you insert a rented or owned DVD, Clearplay will apply the filters you’ve selected to let you view a “cleaned up” version of the movie (sorry, ClearPlay doesn’t work on pirated DVD’s).

Clearplay currently has filters for more than 2,000 movies with new filters are available within days of new releases. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Clearplay has filters for many popular foreign titles, as well.

A Clearplay subscription is $79 per year or $7.95 per month. If you’re a new customer, you can buy a Clearplay DVD player with a one year subscription and pay only $99 or less when you use code: PTCSAVE when you check out. That’s a $50 savings from the price listed on the website. The DVD player can also be used as a regular non-filtering DVD player if you choose to not renew your Clearplay subscription.

You can find out more about Clearplay at the link below:


I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have about this process or technology, just write.

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  1. It is interesting technology, though I thought the company had lost a landmark case with its tampering of artistic media?

    Dave Taylor –

    Chuck says:

    The recently settled landmark case was related to several firms that duplicated edited films and rented them via mail, similar to the delivery systems employed by Netflix and Blockbuster.

    Clearplay was spared because they dont duplicate copyrighted DVDs and they perform editorials only on original, uncopied DVDs. So, Clearplay seems to be the lone survivor of this legal decision.
    Click the link below to read more about this case


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