Fill your IPOD or MP3 player with Free Music While You Sleep

Summary: Inexpensive software will let you use feeds from thousands of Internet Radio stations to fill your IPOD or MP3 player with thousands of free current songs while you sleep.

I mentioned in another post that I spend more time listening to Internet Radio stations than I do listening to my own, somewhat large, CD collection.

When I’m listening live, I mostly listen to because it’s commercial free and talk free, but I also sometimes visit a Internet Radio website called for another reason – Using inexpensive software, I can record songs from the Shoutcast Internet radio stations directly to iPod or MP3 files, and each file is automatically labeled with the song title and artist name.
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Let me say that another way: I can start a program on my PC or Mac, I can tell it to record my favorite Shoutcast radio stations overnight, and when I wake up I can find a couple hundred free songs, or several hours of music on my MP3 player or iPod.

Furthermore, I can tell the software to record up to eight Shoutcast Internet Radio Stations at one time. So, for every one hour the software is recording Shoutcast music, I’ll get eight hours of music on my iPod or MP3 player. Run the program for 6 hours overnight, and you’ll find 48 hours of songs on your player when you wake the next morning.

Some Shoutcast stations are simply streams of commercial or public radio stations. Some are private radio stations set up by fans. The important difference is that most Shoutcast stations play music and send artist and track information at the same time that can be captured by software to create individual files of each song.

Step #1: Install a free streaming audio player. You'll need one to listen to Shoutcast radio stations. You can download the basic “free” version of WinAmp at the link below:

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Step #2: Find your favorite music at . Try out the Genre search and “most popular stations” link. You may also find some of your local commercial and public radio stations on Shoutcast.   Here's an important tip:  The higher the “bitrate” the better the sound quality.  So, when you're choosing radio stations to listen to or record, be sure to select the stations that display 128 or greater in the bitrate column.

Step #3: Try a recording program. Did you find anything you like at Shoutcast? If so, check out one of the software programs below that can record your favorite Shoutcast radio stations directly to your iPod or hard drive, and automatically split each song into a separate MP3 computer file.

So, here's a cool software program that fills up your IPOD with FREE music while you sleep. You pick the music from any of the thousands of Shoutcast radio stations:

Here's a similar program that works for ALL MP3 Players, not just iPods:

Both programs are free to try for a limited time. They’re only about $20 to buy, if you like them.

Step #4: Keep the songs you like and delete the ones you don’t. The downside is that although you’ll be getting many free songs that you like, you’ll also be capturing some songs that you don’t. When you check your player’s memory (or view your song listing program), you can easily see which artists and songs the software program automatically collected.

So, if you’ve been spending 99-cents per song from the music download services like iTunes, you owe it to yourself to check out one of these alternatives that will allow you to load up your music player with free popular music while you sleep.