Cheap & Easy Balloon Boy Halloween Costume (Pictures) Falcon Henee

Summary: Make a Cheap and Easy Balloon Boy Halloween Costume in about an hour with a Mylar party balloon,  die cast cars, and a few household items.   Facoln Heene is a 6-year old boy who was feared to have floated away in a homemade balloon on October 15, 2009.  However, hours later, Falcon Heene was found safe, hiding in the attic of his home in Colorado.

Instructions Below


When the news outlets reported that Falcon Heene had been found, I said to my family, “I’m glad balloon-boy is safe; because now I can make fun of him –  I’m going to wear a Jiffy-pop container on my head and trick-or-treat as balloon boy!”

Just a little while later, I was talking about using a Mylar balloon with strings and pins to anchor it to my shirt. I was also going to wear a “Falcon” name tag and sew little rescue vehicles to my shirt.

I wasn’t the only person to have a “balloon-boy” idea;  a week later I searched and found another costume – a guy in a cardboard box holding a silver helium balloon. So, below are instructions of how I executed my balloon-boy and chase vehicle vision, but added the other guy’s box idea to arrive at my topical Halloween costume for 2009.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: about 60 minutes


Things you’ll Need

  • A corrugated cardboard box, large enough to wear over your upper torso.
  • Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels Cars, or other small die-cast cars
  • (optional) Small injection molded police officers or citizens
  • A color printer for name badges, signs, and other accoutrements
  • A silver 2-foot Mylar balloon filled with helium  (purchased from a dollar store or party supplies store)
  • String or yarn to attach the balloon to the box.
  • Glue (preferably a hot glue gun)

Part A: Falcon Henee (Balloon Boy) was assumed to have floated away in a homemade balloon.

Visit your local dollar store or party supply to find a helium filled, silver Mylar balloon.  Try to purchase a silver Mylar balloon that has the smallest amount of graphics on it.

Step 1 The balloon boy’s balloon had no graphics.   Use a small amount of tinfoil to cover any graphics on ONE side of the balloon.  Try to use as little tinfoil as possible to cover the graphic so that the balloon can still float
Step 2
Place two long strips of yarn or string over the balloon, allowing it to hang down about four feet.  The string will be used to secure the balloon to the box.
Step 3
Balloon Boy’s weather balloon had a small basket at the bottom.  It’s best to form a small basket using your hands and use clear packing tape   Remember to size the basket small and light enough so that the balloon can still fly.


Part B: Falcon Henee (Balloon Boy) wasn’t in the balloon, he was hiding in a box in the attic.

As your local store manager, or search behind your local strip mall to find a clean corrugated box that you can wear on your upper torso. Keep in mind that you’ll want your box to be close to your torso so that your arms can comfortably hang outside the box.

Step 1 Flip the box with the opening on the bottom.
Step 2
Use plates or other circular items to draw circles locating the positions for your arms and head.
Step 3
Use a keyhole saw or box cutter to cut the holes for your head and arms.
Step 4
Use a color printer to print a graphic name tag and voice bubble.  Samples are below.   Falcoln Henee vomited twice on national television, but the fake vomit grapic is optional.  RIGHT CLICK ON THE IMAGES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST FOR PRINTABLE VERSIONS OF the balloon-boy name tag and talk bubble.


Part C: Police and a ground crew chased Falcon’s balloon over 50 miles and for two hours.

Attached ground chase vehicles and people to the top of the cardboard box.

Step 1 Most die cast vehicles have open windows, though which you can place light wire or twist ties.
Step 2
Carefully use a small Phillips screwdriver, or some other tool to poke holes in the top of the box that you’ll use to secure the chase vehicles to the top of the box.
Step 3
Use a hot glue gun, or some other strong glue, to position chase and rescue people on the top of the box.





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