Does VoIP work with 911 Emergency Services?


We recently considered a VOIP service in our Orlando vacation home, but were put off by the limitations of the 911 service. We would have had to keep a basic telephone service just for 911 calls? The least expensive we could get this was $29.99 a month plus taxes. We just couldn’t take the chance that in an emergency a guest wouldn’t be able to access 911.


VOIP 911 works exactly like regular 911, except you must make sure your VOIP account always has the correct physical location of your VOIP box.

For example, if your VOIP box is in your vacation rental home, you must make sure your online VOIP account has your rental’s address in the location textbox so that the VOIP company can correctly route incoming 911 calls to the nearest police station or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

The disadvantage to VOIP service is that if the power or Internet connection is interrupted, then you’ll lose VOIP service. Since nearly all renters now carry cell phones, I don’t consider this much of an issue.

You can read more about VOIP enhanced 911 at the link below:…details&_i=105

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