Digest Widget – Text to RTF for Sony Reader & Amazon Kindle

DigestWidget is the fastest way to get formatted text into your Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle.

I find myself most often using my eBook reader to read free books and documents from the web that I want to read away from the computer. So, with the DigestWidget, I can either copy the files to a folder and process them as a batch, or if I’m reading something online, I can highlight the text I want to capture and copy it to the clipboard to instantly make a file I can copy to my eBook reader.

– A text digest is ideal for off-line reading of long articles and newsletters you receive by e-mail.
– These digests contain text only and no images.
– Print digests to save paper
– Create and read digests in the best font style and size for your Sony Reader or other device.

Read the digest files on your eBook Reader / Smart Phone / PDA or other portable device

DigestWidget makes text digests from your Windows Clipboard / Outlook e-mail files (.eml) / Text files (.txt) / Saved web pages (.html)


DigestWidget allows you to select one of three font styles and several font sizes. It automatically left and right “justifies” the You can also select the folder where the batch files will be read and in which the digest will be written. DigestWidget removes multiple line feeds and “cleans up” the text before making the digest file.

– DigestWidget can read a batch of files in a folder and convert them to a single RTF digest file.
– DigestWidget can write a text digest of everything you copy to your Windows clipboard. A new capture session is started each time you start the DigestWidget.
– The Digest files can be directly copied to the reader or directly to an SD card and inserted into the reader. No additional conversion or formatting is required.

I’ve probably spent about 25 hours working on the Digest Widget, and I’ve taken it as far as I want to go with it. However, it seems to me that someone who either knows the free AutoIt language may want to change or improve the program I’ve written. So, I’m publishing DigestWidget, including the Autoit source code,

Creative Commons License

Your derivative works from my source code must include this attribution:
“This program derived from DigestWidget from Chuck Eglinton and ChuckEgg.com”
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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