Chuck I’m think of getting that TREO 700w. What’s the word on it?

The word is, buy the TREO 650 instead, if possible.

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal said, “Palm’s new Treo 700w uses Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software, but despite some nice features, it’s neither as easy to use nor as powerful as the Palm-based 650.”

He also said, “[Treo 700’s] crucial email and phone functions are also weaker [than the 650]. And there’s a serious bug in its email software that affects individuals, though not corporate users. So the Treo 700w is neither as easy to use nor as powerful as the Treo 650. In addition, the screen on the 700w offers significantly lower resolution than the screen on the 650, and the new model costs twice as much — $400 versus $200.”

The complete Wall Street Journal article is at this link:

New York Times said, “Frankensteinian mishmash. Some of the [TREO 700] features … are so clumsy, you smack your forehead.”

“Every time you open a TREO 700 program, it stays open in the background, even if youclose its window. Sooner or later, you’ll run into the “Program Memory Low” error message, requiring you to shut down programs manually in a special list box. Doesn’t anyone at Microsoft realize how silly it sounds to say, “Just a minute – I have to quit some programs on my phone”? (this doesn’t happen with the 650)

The complete New York Times article is here:

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