Cheap Digital Camera 10 megapixels and Cheap Memory

If you look around, you can get a high quality 10 megapixel digital camera for just over $100. The more megapixels, the greater the resolution.

I’ve owned more than a dozen digital cameras, and our family currently owns three: Canon Elph, a Kodak Easyshare, and a Casio Exilim.

Here’s my short take: Our favorite is the Exilim

1) Look for a digital camera that uses SD memory cards, because they are DIRT CHEAP. Check for yourself: Use to ceck prices for a 1GB card in SD format, xD format, and Sony Memory stick format.

2) Our Exilim has a fairly large LCD display *and* an optical viewfinder that comes in handy when the LCD becomes washed out in bright daylight. Look for a camera that has both a large LCD and an optical viewfinder.

3) Select a digital camera that has an integrated, automatic lens cover. If the lens cover is separate, the risk of losing it (and the difficulty to replace it) is too great.

4) Maybe your family can remember to keep a proprietary battery charged, but our family can’t. And, maybe you don’t mind packing a variety of chargers in your luggage — but we prefer to travel light.

Our digital camera uses rechargeable AA batteries so that we can use standard drug-store batteries in a pinch.

By using standard AA batteries, we aren’t stuck paying extremely high prices for the camera company’s proprietary batteries.

Yes, digital cameras that use AA batteries are a bit thicker, that’s the tradeoff. Even today’s thicker cameras can easily fit in your shirt pocket or handbag.

Click the link below to find a *10 megapixel* digital camera that has some good reviews, uses cheap SD memory, uses standard AA batteries — and it’s only $150 after rebate.

I wrote a little about digital camera selection in my blog:

Chuck Eglinton

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