CD Ripping with CDEX

The easiest way to get MP3 files is to download them already in MP3 format from the Internet. Many public domain and out-of-copyright audiobooks are available for free on the Internet. Simply use or another search website to search for “free MP3 audiobooks” to find them.

“Ripping” digital MP3 versions from compact discs isn't very difficult and doesn't take very long. A great free program called CDEX can convert a complete compact disc to MP3 format in about 15 minutes or less. Furthermore, the CDEX software can automatically “recognize” the compact disc you insert and it's CDDB menu option will use an Internet music database to automatically title and label your newly created MP3 files. You can find the free CDEX program at the link below:


Your public library likely has a collection of compact discs that you can use to create MP3 files. Your library membership may also entitle you to free access at where more than 1,100 audiobooks are available for free download. is an online service that sends your choice of rental CD's to you by mail.

One of the most popular places to download audiobooks is The good news is that is easy to use and they have a lot of current audiobook content. The bad news is that uses a proprietary file format that can complicate your use of their audio files. Technically, Audible doesn't distribute MP3 files, they distribute “.aa” files which can be played on your computer using Audible's player software or by using the long list of Audible compatible audio players.