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How to remove virus posts on Facebook, such as "OMG!" Or "I can't believe"

Did you get stuck with one of those “OMG!” Or “I can't believe” virus posts? here's how to remove it from your Facebook wall and protect your friends:

  1. To remove it from your wall, hover your mouse over the virus post and click the “X” that will appear in the upper right corner of the post. This way, your friends won't see it so they won't get infected
  2. Click “Profile” in the upper right corner of your Facebook page.
  3. Click the “Info” link that appears in the left column
  4. S

    croll down to activities and interests section and click the “Edit” link for that section.

  5. Click the “Show Other Pages” link below the [Save Changes] button
  6. Scroll down to the page(s) you want to unlike, and click the [Remove Page] button.
  7. Click the [Close] button
  8. You may want to run the free “Combofix” program on your computer to remove any viruses that may have infected your hard drive.

How to add a line to a Facebook Comment. How to Edit a Facebook Comment

Summary:  How to add a line to a Facebook Comment.  How to EDIT a Facebook Comment.  How to add a Paragraph to a Facebook comment.

Yes, I agree the Facebook changes are stupid. My commentary is at the end. First, here's help:

1) The Facebook [Post] button is gone from comments! Now your Facebook comment is saved automatically when press the [Enter] key. Fortunately, here's how to EDIT your Facebook comment if you make a mistake…

2) How to EDIT your Facebook comment: If you've just recently saved your comment — within the last minute or so  — you can hover your mouse over your comment then click the [X] that appears in the top right corner to EDIT your comment.   The edit option only exists for a minute or so after you type your comment.  After a minute, if you cli

ck on the  [X] it will remove your post, but not edit it.

3) New Line / Paragraph: Press to start a new line in your Facebook comment. While you're typing a Facebook comment, you now must  press   to start a new paragraph or insert a blank line.  ChuckEgg Commentary: Yes, it's stupid, because most people don't intuitively use  to insert a blank line when they type.  is also stupid because it's not consistent with how the FB text editor works elsewhere on Facebook — for example it's now how the Facebook text editor works when you post your status.

Take a look at the length of most FB posts. An overwhelming majority of FB comments don't contain blank lines, so eliminating the “Enter” key allows typists to submit a post without using a mouse (or secondary tap). I'll be FB engineers probably calculated that removing the [POST] button would save time or keystrokes.


Google Calendar: Print your calendar and post the family schedule on the fridge

Summary: How to print your Google Calendar and post the family schedule on the fridge.   How to print a poster-sized Google Calendar.    How to print a Google Calendar for your Refrigerator.  How to print a Google Calendar to share with Luddites. This article describes how you can enjoy the collaborative advantages of the Google Calendar on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or smartphone, but still have a printed calendar for your fridge, refrigerator, bulletin board, or back door.

I know,  it's difficult to switch from your paper calendar to the Online Google Calendar.  And it''s difficult to switch from your printed daily planner to the online  Google Calendar on your iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA or smart phone.

This article describes how you can enjoy the collaborative advantages of the Online Google Calendar on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or smartphone, but still have a printed calendar for your refrigerator, bulletin board, or back door.

Before we started using Google Calendar, we used the large desktop calendars that you can buy from Staples or other office supply stores. In our family, each of us typically update our calendar events from the Google Calendar website or from our smart phones; but, we still find it convenient to have a printed calendar on our door to the garage.    Although it's good to have a family-synchronized calendar on each of our phones, it sometimes helps to be able to look at the paper calendar on the way out just to get a quick view of the next few days.    Also,  we can select individual components of our calendars and print a unique version of our combined calendar for my mother to post on her refrigerator (since she doesn't use the Google Calendar online).

So, read on to see how to print a poster-sized Google Calendar.

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MiFi 2200 “Pay-as-you-go” Internet: Nationwide WiFi for only $1 per day

Summary: Get nationwide WiFi Internet for $1 per day, pay-as-you-go with no monthly contracts.   Virgin Mobile is the first to offer the MiFi 2200  Intelligent Mobile Hotspot or Ovation MC760 USB device with No Contact, Pay-as-you Go,for as little as $10 for 10 days use.   Only $1 per day to create an instant WiFi hotspot you can share with up to 5 computers or wi-fi compatible devices.

Dear ChuckEgg: What is a MiFi mobile router hotspot?

The MiFi is very small, slim router that turns a 3G wireless phone signal into a 40 foot diameter Wi-Fi hotspot that can be shared by up to 5 computers or WiFi compatible devices.  You can use a MiFi mobile router to create a password-protected wireless hotspot for your computer, iPad, iPod Touch, personal media player, or any other WiFi compatible device.  You can use the MiFi to create a hotspot, or you can tether the MiFi to a single computer using a USB cable.

The MiFi 2200 mobile router has been available from Verizon and Sprint for some time, but Virgin Mobile is the first to offer the MiFi with no monthly contract and nationwide pay-as-you-go Internet for only $1 per day, with no monthly service contract (you’ll pay $10 for 10 days).  Virgin Mobile calls it the MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.

Update:  VirginMobile has revised the rates since I first wrote this article.  The price is still “pay as-you-go, but your choices are $40 for unlimited data for a month, or $10 for 100MB for 10 days.   Click here for details

The MiFi 2200 weighs only 2 ounces and is as small as several credit cards stacked on top of each other.  The MiFi’s internal battery will power your MiFi for up to 4 hours of Internet access, or 40 hours of standby time. For a continuously powered WiFi hotspot, you can connect the MiFi mobile router to an electrical outlet or to your computer’s USB port.

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Cheap Refurbished Computers

Many libraries, schools and universities sell old computers for as little as $5. Here’s a way to make them usable again…

As many computers are returned from business leases and removed from service, many of them are destined for closets, basements and landfills. I bought two Pentium 3 computers from our local library for five dollars apiece. The purchase included Microsoft brand optical mice, which were probably worth five dollars if I sold them on eBay. Several months earlier, I purchased a 10 pack of Kensington computer keyboards for two dollars apiece. The two computers already had certified versions of Windows 98 installed, with valid Microsoft certificate numbers on the case. Since these computers came with certificate numbers, if the hard drives had been full of junk, it could have borrowed someone’s Windows 98 installation disks to install a legal replacement copy using the certificate numbers that were on the tag on the computer case.

In their previous life, these computers were used as terminals for a library database system. When I received them, they had installed only 128 MB of RAM so they didn’t run very quickly. I used Google to find the specifications of the computer and to find out the type and maximum amount of memory that could be installed. I used Google again to find the specific type of memory that I needed and then I searched at eBay for the best price for the memory. The cost to upgrade the memory to the maximum allowed 768 MB was about $30 including shipping.

The computers I purchased for five dollars apiece at the library had mostly empty hard drives. They also had network interface cards, so I was able to connect them to my wired Internet connection and my office to download and install updates to the operating system. I also installed a copy of the Firefox web browser and a copy of the open office wordprocessing software.

My mother, like many computer users, doesn’t require a lot of processing power for the things she does with the computer. She types letters with a word processor, she occasionally searches for things on Google, and she reads articles online. None of those things require the latest and greatest computer technology. So at a total cost of under $50 for the computer, and about $20 for a cathode ray terminal CRT screen, my mother has a computer that matches, and probably exceeds, her needs.

So, if you have a friend or relative who has simple computing needs and a limited budget you might consider checking with your local library or businesses to see if they have off lease or auto service computers that they might be selling at an upcoming book sale. Upgrading the computer could be easy, inexpensive, and rewarding.

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