Best Cheap NETbooks – What is a NETbook?

The cheap, $129 Instant-on Netbook that I mention in this article costs less than what some people pay for one month of cable TV.    Netbooks are great for kids, students, business travelers or anyone who needs quick access to the Internet.   Netbooks can also be used for offline editing of word documents and spreadsheets.    The netbook’s battery probably lasts longer than your laptop’s battery and this netbook easily fits on an airplane flip-down tray.

A netbook won’t likely be your primary computer, but you can throw a netbook into your bag for a weekend trip, or grab it from your bookshelf before you head out to use the WiFi at Starbucks or Panera Bread.

I’ll describe simply what a netbook is and why you might want to try one. This isn’t a netbook review or netbook comparison.

Some people have written and asked if I buy this stuff.  The answer is, “yes.”  When the deals are great, like this one, I usually buy it, then play with it for a few weeks or months, then sell it on eBay for more than I paid for it.

best cheap asus acer netbook

First the disclaimer: Why you may *not* want a netbook:  The netbook screen is small 8.9″ diagonal or smaller in some cases.   If you have large fingers, the netbook’s keyboard may be too small since the netbook keys are about 25% closer together than a typical notebook keyboard.   The particular model in this $129 deal has the Linux operating system which is great for using the FireFox browser and great working on documents and spreadsheets (Open Office), but you can’t run your Microsoft Windows Applications on it.   This netbook is solid state: it has no hard drive and no DVD.   It has 4GB of built in storage and you can use cheap, standard 4GB SD memory cards for more storage.

This $129 Netbook deal expires Friday 7/10/09 at midnight  Expect about $10 for shipping.  This Netbook is refurbished with warranty – which doesn’t worry me
at this price.  If you search the Internet for this netbook you’ll
see that it sells for twice as much as some stores and 30% more from
eBay.   The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $399 (MSRP), which includes a low-end Intel Mobile CPU, 512MB of RAM, and a 4GB solid-state flash hard drive.

Click here for the $129 Netbook deal

By the way, this Netbook’s price is generally 30% more at eBay.

Here are the reasons you may want to try a Netbook:

NETBOOKS CHEAP PRICE: A netbook usually costs less than a laptop, notebook, or desktop computer.  The $129 Netbook deal in this article is less than what some people pay for their monthly cable TV bill.    If you only use a netbook a few times each year when traveling it may be worth the price.

NETBOOKS FREE SOFTWARE:  Most Linux Netbooks include popular preinstalled software programs such as FireFox and Open Office.   Open Office software is very similar to Microsoft Office, except it runs on the Linux Operating system (netbooks) and it’s fr*ee.   You can easily move documents and spreadsheets back and forth between Open Office and MS Office.   The Netbook in this deal has the Linux operating system.  You can typically pay about $50 more for a Netbook that has the Microsoft Windows operating system.

NETBOOKS SMALL SIZE & WEIGHT (AIRPLANE FRIENDLY): Netbooks are typically smaller than notebooks and laptops.    Most netbooks weigh less than 3 pounds – about the weight of a hardcover book . Look at the pictures of the netbooks in this article and notice that at 8″ wide, it’s about the size of a trade paperback book.  A Netbook’s small footprint makes it easier to use on an airplane tray table (with pre-installed word processing or spreadsheet software).

INSTANT-ON NETBOOKS (Solid State):  Netbooks start up almost instantly because they are solid state.  Netbooks often have hard drive and no DVD.   If you want fast access to the Internet (or to your Office documents) a Netbook may be a good solution.   You can use the netbook’s SD memory slot (and cheap, standard SD flash memory cards) to move files between the Netbook and your other computers.

NETBOOKS GOOGLE CLOUD: If you’ve not heard of the “Google Cloud” then skip this section.  If you have heard of the Google cloud, then you probably know that netbooks give you quick easy access to the documents and spreadsheets you safely store online (and for free) at

NETBOOKS LONG BATTERY LIFE:  Batteries in netbooks can last anywhere from 3 hours to several hours depending on the model and battery rating.   A netbook’s batteries last longer because a netbook generally has a smaller screen, no DVD, and slower (less power hungry) processor.

USB PORTS / FULL SIZED KEYBOARD : Most netbooks have one or more USB ports which allow you to plug in standard computer accessories such as a printer, mouse, and full sized keyboard.

NETBOOK EXPANDABILITY SD SLOTS: I’ve been regularly paying $5 to $20 for cheap SD flash memory cards for my digital camera (and for the SD card player built into my car radio).      Install cheap 4GB SD card in the SD slot of a Netbook to double the storage capacity.  If you travel with a netbook and an SD card digital camera, you can use the Netbook’s SD card slot to upload pictures from your Camera’s SD card.

This $129 Netbook deal expires Friday 7/10/09 at midnight.   If you search for this netbook you’ll see this price is about half of what this model usually sells for.   The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $399 (MSRP), which includes a low-end Intel Mobile CPU, 512MB of RAM, and a 4GB solid-state flash hard drive.

Click here for the $129 Netbook deal

By the way, this Netbook’s price is generally 30% more at eBay.

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