AsUType "Speed Typing" Macro Program Helps You Type Faster

Summary: A “Speed Typing” macro is an short abbreviation that you type that is automatically replaced with expanded text, as you type.  For example, you can use a “Speed Typing” macro to add your signature in any Windows program.   You can use a “Speed Typing” macro to automatically type full paragraphs of text for form letters.  The AsUType program lets you use speed typing macros in ANY Windows Program

A “macro” is shorthand you type that is automatically replaced with corresponding expanded text that is retrieved from a macro list on your computer (also known as a “dictionary.”)

Most people are familiar with macros because macros are a feature of the Microsoft Office programs.   Some people use Microsoft Word macros to type just a few characters that will insert their full signatures at the bottom of their MS Word documents.  Some people use Microsoft Excel macros to execute complex functions in Excel spreadsheets.

A disadvantage of MS Word and MS Excel macros is that they only work in MS Word and Excel.   Macros created with AsYouType software work with nearly any Windows program, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and nearly any Internet web site.

Using AsUType's macro function, I've created several macros for my vacation rental business that automatically create replies to renters and prospective renters.  For example, my macro “/ra” types about 100 words describing a property that is “available.”  Similarly, I can type “/ru” and AsYouType automatically types “rental unavailable” text for me.

Here are a few simple tips to using AsUType's macro function:

1) Right click the AsUType icon in the task tray, then select “Macro” to display or edit the macro dictionary.   Terms in the dictionary are displayed in alphabetical order.

2) Use buttons on the macro dictionary page to add or delete macros.

3) In my e

xperience, macros that are two or three characters long are less likely to be confused with real words.

4) If you have slight variances of macros, you may want to add a number or letter code as a suffix to the macro.   For example, for quoting rental home prices,  I use three macros that are very similar except for the nightly rental rate;  My macros are:  /rr119, /rr129, and /rr139, where the numeric amount is the nightly rental rate.

3) If you type text that is unintentionally expanded as a macro, you can backspace and retype the text and it won't be expanded the second time.   This accidental macro expansion can generally be avoided by beginning macros with a symbol (such as a forward slash), followed by characters that do not make up a word.

I've found AsUType's macro feature to be a great time saving tool for typing signatures and form letters in my web-based mail programs.    If you type a lot of repetitive text in your Windows programs, or on the Internet, you'll find AsUType to be a great time-saving tool, too.


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