Amazon Kindle 2 (eInk) eBook Reader, Unboxed

The Amazon Kindle 2 is a light, slim electronic e-book reader that can be used to read newspapers, magazines, and books purchased from or free e-books downloaded from the Internet.  The Amazon Kindle has a 6″ diagonal Electronic Paper (e-ink) display that can be read in direct sunlight.  The Amazon Kindle eBook reader experience was designed to be very similar to reading a trade paperback book.  The screen and printing contrast is a lot different than a computer screen and is more like reading a slim paperback book – except the Kindle lets you choose 5 different font styles – and can automatically *READ* the newspaper or book to you with the integrated speaker.


Amazon Kindle users can immediately download books using a built in Wireless Cellular Modem using the free Amazon Whispernet (with service provided by Sprint EVDO). The Amazon Kindle can also be used for free web browsing anywhere a Sprint EVDO network is available. The Amazon Kindle web browser is mostly for text, and the e-ink screen doesn’t update quickly enough to display YouTube or other video. Still, the Amazon Kindle Web Browser is adequate for reading text websites.

The Amazon Kindle and the Sony Electronic Reader share the same electronic e-ink screen. in 2007, I bought a Sony Electronic Reader shortly after it was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show. I always travel with my Sony Reader (both the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle are small enough to fit in vest coat pocket). I use my Sony Reader at least several times each week at home to read away from the computer. In a future articles, I’ll tell you how to get free eBooks and I’ll compare my old Sony Reader to my new Amazon Kindle. In short, I bought an Amazon Kindle for a few features that aren’t available on my frequently used Sony Reader: The Amazon Kindle has faster page turns than my Sony Reader. The Amazon Kindle has a built in keypad for text searches. The Amazon Kindle has free (simple) web browsing through the Sprint EVDO network with no Wi-Fi connection required.

Click this link to learn more about the Kindle at the Amazon Website

My Amazon Kindle 2 was delivered by US Mail in a somewhat typical corrugated box.


The Amazon Kindle’s box interior is black and simple. The Kindle is in a tray wrapped with a back plastic sleeve.


The box contained A (paper) printed copy of the Kindle manual, the Kindle, and the Kindle charging cable. It came pre-loaded with my Amazon user information and pre-loaded with the manual and a sample book.


Take a sheet of letter sized paper. Fold it in half. The Amazon Kindle’s dimensions are slightly smaller than that. The Amazon Kindle is slightly thinner than a CD jewel case. The Kindle 2 specifications are 6″ diagonal, 3.6″(W) × 4.8″(H). The e-ink screen is 600×800 pixels or 0.48 megapixels, 167 ppi density, with a 16-level grayscale.


Look ma! No Power brick! The Amazon Kindle has a very small light charger that is about twice the thickness of a key fob. You can either use the Kindle’s USB cable to charge the Kindle from your computer’s USB port, or you can plug the USB cable into the Kindle’s very small wall charger. The Amazon Kindle’s charger is much more elegant than the brick-style charger that came with my old Sony Reader (although the Sony reader can also charge via the USB cable from my computer).


The Amazon Kindle is beautiful. When standing back several paces, In typical roomlight or daylight, you can easily mistake the electronic screen for a printed page.


In the upcoming days I’ll write about my experiences with Amazon Kindle including hacks and how to find free books and periodicals. Click this link to learn more about the Kindle at the Amazon Website

Chuck Eglinton

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